January 7, 2011

With a Slight Turn to the Right

With a slight turn to the right of the previous photos focus, there floated my idea of boating beauty. The ducks at her water line seemed to agree. 

I know little of vessel types; aside from being able to identify whether they are made for sailing or not, commercial fishing or not, tugs, aircraft carriers, cruise ships, ice breakers and on. However, as I have mentioned before and likely will again, my heart truly tugs when wooden vessels with the character of time and tending are near. Seeing this one at sail would delight me. Seeing her at rest, does no less. And always the same questions arise; has she traveled far, seen much? Are there stories embedded in her grain, revealed only to those with the talent and time to patiently sand her down? 

It turns out her owner was sitting inside, looking out that first larger window, unbeknownst to me at the time. Probably trying to enjoy his early morning coffee. I hope all my camera attention didn't trouble him. 

This boat needs no recipe. I suspect she looks fine in any light, on any day. At least to me. 

Yo Ho me maties, Yo Ho.


Teresa Evangeline said...

She is a beauty and you have done her justice. Perfect setting. A book of your photos of water and it's "inhabitants" would be therapy for me. They are so soothing.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I do wonder what it feels like to be aboard. It was the perfect setting. Most other places at that marina would have had her jammed in with other boats. Thanks for the water book thoughs. Hmmm. Safe journey!

Ack! An accidental deletion of your post occurred. My problem. Tried to delete my own. Seems I don't have deletion down quite yet. Yo Ho back at you and glad you liked that image. Hope you have some trees left when Flips gets done.

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