April 1, 2011

Whoa It's April

In one instant it seems, time moved from "Breathe, it's March" to "Whoa it's April". Between the work schedule slipping into high speed, some side projects, learning my way around updated gear and a tussle with the flu...well, March just flew by. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say, I'll be more sporadic this spring, before becoming just that. We are redefining Spring with our volume of rain fall. Things will grow with the shades of green that bring smile lines thanks to this rain.
So, on this most moist April 1st, mid the biz, I took a sec after taking a sip, shot a pic which tempted a quip about the Scotsman Bell whose phones now click pics from wireless slips in a sec of the year two thousand and eleven. A fine time to be alive.
Happy April Fools Day to you and Alexander! Bless him.
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