September 8, 2010

Green Chili Chasing

It has been cold/flu time at our Casa for awhile now. After trying to go back to work yesterday, my hacking cough gave everyone there the willies, so I headed to the doc and then back to said Casa. As I was driving up to the mail box I was thinking; what I need is a good spicy meal (or ten) in New Mexico to show these germs the door. Based on my previous research, it works. So, as I was mulling over some of my favorite NM haunts for restorative meals, what do you think tumbled out of our mailbox? A beautiful post card from NM sent by dear friends who are midway through a vacation there. 

They are on a green chili mission and knew we would appreciate hearing about it. Well, they are visiting the land and people they love as well, but Oh that chili! Green chili chasing is not to be taken lightly. It may not be as difficult as the pilgrimages made to El Santuario de Chimayo each Easter is a journey of devotion. Of course our friends couldn't know how perfect their postcard's arrival time would be, nor did we know of their NM journey. I love serendipity.

For the record, the selection of ground chilies found at the store in Chimayo in the fall are excellent. Wonderfully flavorful. From a germ chasing perspective, chili isn't the ONLY NM elixir. For instance, if I were sitting in Taos at the Apple Tree restaurant right now, having a bowl of their Fall Pumpkin Soup, I'm fairly certain I would be well by morning. 

The photo above was taken on one of the "skirt around the center of town traffic" roads in Taos. In the fall. Probably on our way to eat something green or red.

September 3, 2010

Grace In Motion

There are things in life that seem to exemplify grace in motion to me. You have yours as well, I have no doubt. In the marvelous and magical animal kingdom, my favorites dwell. Their carriage often defying their shapes and loads. Swans, giraffes, horses, elk and big cats have much to teach of pace and patience. Observing their slow flowing passage rests the heart...and fills it as well.
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