January 14, 2011

Spring Blue

Western WA can get pretty gray at times. For reasons I don't care to examine too carefully, it doesn't bother me. Maybe growing up where the summers often sailed over 100 degrees and the sun was relentless, I adapted a reverse reaction to dark days. Whatever the cause, grateful I am, for it has allowed me to happily live in a few places that are a real problem for some. 

But, and there is a but, there are gray days, and there are GRAY days. Not unexpected in the land of rain of course. Yet on some occasions, when the rain is coming down in sheets, the sky can look like something out of a horror movie. Dramatic and interesting? Definitely. Humbling? You bet. Today had bits like that.

In those deeply dark moments, it is possible to forget how breathtakingly beautiful this region is. What it looks like bathed in sun, water at full blue with Mt Rainier showing her stuff. In light (pun intended) of that, I am returning to a day that did take my breath away. One that hit me hard, like my ride through the Palouse last spring. A "great to be alive" day. An "I can't believe I live here" day. 

Sending YOU some spring blue for a winters day.

Shot from aboard a ferry as another passed by. 


tiedyejudy said...

Awesome shot, Chris! Years ago, I lived in San Francisco and swore the sun never came out from under the fog there! But there were days when the view was to die for! I'm better suited to places where the sun shines a lot, but now I have snow and t-storms, too... that's a nice change from L.A., where the blandness is relentless! ;->

jackie said...

Thanks for following my blog and for the nice blue sky - much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Basket gal said...

Beautiful! On those rainy and gray days it is good to continue to think about Spring...thanks for the reminder! I am fortunate that the gray and dark days don't get me down like a lot of people. These times seem to be the most creative for me:)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Judy,
I'll go a long way out of my way to avoid LA. San Francisco does have those foggy days, but they also have a good deal of wet wind too. Cold. What a contrast to Arizona. I was a bit farther down the coast from you. Foggy there and where I grew up. Does make those blue days a bit more blue somehow.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks for stopping by. Love watching your fiber, thread and felt journey.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I'd swear your creative time lasts the whole year long. :) Yesterday was beautiful. Looked out the window during a break from a meeting, as the sun was setting over the narrows. Just about stopped my heart. Purples and oranges in huge waves. Wanted to race to my car for the camera.
Hope today is a basket day for you.

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