May 31, 2009

In Progress

When I'm working on a project with many layers and hours, there comes a point where I have to stand back, let it marinade and give my eyes a rest. Then it's back to it later with a fresh look and refinements. As I was about to save this for later, I suddenly saw the cat face in the kimono. Do you see it too? There were seven or eight pieces that went into making the kimono. None of them bore any resemblance to a cat, or so I thought. It seems one looked like half a cat, then a whole cat once duplicated, flipped and combined. How fitting. Our elderly kitty, Indigo, has been feeling pretty punk for a day or so. Looks like a Scottish Fold Cat is bringing her good wishes. 

Happy Sunday. Hope your day had a surprise or two as well.

May 30, 2009

Favor Yourself: Over The Rainbow Times Two

When you get a yourself a favor and listen to this Eva Cassidy rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I've enjoyed Eva's music for many years but never thought of looking for live footage of her on You Tube. She had the most lovely voice and did songs she wrote along with those of others. Eva was just coming into her own when she passed away in 1996 at the age of thirty three. 

Since I'm a fan of this song, I think I'll also include the link to my other favorite version of it. Done by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole, a wonderful Hawaiian singer who, unfortunately, also passed away at a very young age. Somewhere Over The Rainbow. He also recorded a number of lovely pieces including a touching Wind Beneath My Wings.


May 27, 2009

Idaho Texture and Textiles

Here are a few Idaho texture and textile shots from our wanderings. We loved the outdoors but there were some awfully lovely textures indoors as well. Gad I love fibers. It was kind of the shop owners to allow me take the photos. Must dash. Hope you enjoy them.

May 24, 2009

With a Nod to The Princess Bride...Mawwage

Mawwage (with a nod to The Princess Bride) vows were spoken recently by our Niece and her soul mate beside Lake Pend Oreille in ID. They have known each other well and long, which seemed to make their day all the more special. Weddings are always wonderful occasions, but on this day no one could quit smiling, dawn to dawn. 

The gift of sunshine and the magical setting could have had a bit to do with all the grinning. At 1150 ft in depth and 65 miles in length, Lake Pend Oreille is no small pond. It is beautiful at every bend in the road that runs around it. 

The classical guitar accompaniment to the wedding and day was as delightful as the spirit of the player.

The reception was held up the road in the community of Hope, beside this little church, a stones throw from the lake. 

There were literally a few hundred moments caught by my camera that day, but this was one of my favorites. My Nieces best friend from Hawaii made it to the wedding and had to dash back that afternoon for a very special event of her own. She was headed out right after this shot. Two lovely, smart, compassionate and hard working young women. 

The little old church with it's "in keeping" newer addition, added by my Nieces new grandfather, had some lovely details. While wandering around it I saw these prayer flags which seemed to be enjoying the sun and light breeze as well. 

Some wonderful old arched stained glass windows lined two sides of the church. I found myself wishing I could return at night to see them in the light these candles would provide. Instead we were on to another setting for dinner and later another for dancing. Fun was had by all, though admittedly those of us with a few more years in age didn't actually see both of those previously mentioned dawns!

And finally, this was one of the views from our room. Each day, morning and evening, it changed faces. Can you tell we have fallen for Pend Oreille? I'm guessing family, the memories made and images caught will have us wandering back to Northern Idaho again. In the mean time, we love having a feel for the place our Niece and her husband call home, along with the great group of friends and family they have around them. Congrats S & J !

May 23, 2009

Congrats and Best Wishes to All

It seems every time we manage to get away for a couple of days (rare) it takes a couple of weeks to catch up with energy and work. My apologies. Away refers to a trip to Northern Idaho to attend the wedding of our Niece. It was a great time filled with lots of laughter and happy tears from all attending. The newlyweds make the best twosome and I have no doubt they will have a very long and happy life together. Both are darling and on that beautiful day, as the sun shined on the banks of Lake Pend Oreille, they seemed to almost sparkle as they said I do. Don't you love it when good things happen to good people? 

Every aspect of this wedding gave me the feeling of weddings I've heard about through friends in India and Italy where gatherings take place over a few days and in a variety of locations. Some of our family came from long distances and it was great to see them all again. We drove through parts of WA and ID I had never seen and its a wonder my camera didn't melt from all the use. Amazing what can be caught in-focus at 70 mph. 

It seems I do need instructions on using my camera for video clips as I have proven the point about practice being important PRIOR to, rather than DURING, the important moments. What I managed to pick up is pretty good, but much is missing from a sweet ceremony. Hope others did a better job. I'm still working out how to do video editing. A friend of the kids took the wedding photos and it will be fun to see the results. He is a local fellow who has done some global shooting and worked on some wonderful photo projects. One to check out is a book and traveling museum show entitled, "Living in Three Centuries". The show itself is out of the country at this time but the book is available! He is an agile guy too. At one point he was shooting the waiting crowd from atop a steep roofed near by building. 

Once organized, I'll be posting photos from the trip. Probably more than anyone will care about, but it was soooo beautiful. I'm also working on finding one of those sites photos can be posted to for family to view and order images they care to have. If any of you have tips in that regard, please let me know. Ease of use, good quality images, etc.

Oh, and congratulations to our graduating friends, Jenny (college) and Nick (high school). You two rock! And added congrats to Nick for winning some very cool awards this week for his musical and acting accomplishments. Even if he was still belting them out...Elvis couldn't pull off as good an Elvis as you did in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" Nick. So glad I was able to see it in person. Good luck with the Fifth Avenue production. 

(For anyone noticing the earlier photo and info were pulled...apologies for any confusion. The image colors didn't translate to the web making the whole thing look a bit scary to me. Elvis is more fun.)

May 6, 2009

Ready and Waiting

When that day rolls around each year to turn the clock back, I find myself wishing it would turn back a fare distance. Far enough to spend a few more years or days or hours with my Mom. That type of wish is not likely to come true. This year, I'm gearing up, getting ready and by autumn when time turns back, a wish for Dreams with Mom will be sent as far and wide as I can wish it.

Dreams visit my sleep often and are usually with me in detail when I wake. Most of the dreams are happy, some harbingers, a few frightening as hell and others pure gifts. Those harbingers can be pretty scary and clear, yet it's the gift dreams that stay for years in the most perfect detail. Recently Great Grandfather Flowers ever so quietly stepped into my dream time. He smiled while handing me a beautiful dove and then he was gone. May have been the shortest and most peaceful dream of all.

Sleeping dreams of Mom are rare. Too close for comfort I guess. Well, its time to change that pattern and make way for her star studded return to the screen. OK, she wasn't on the screen and she certainly never wore studs, but I'm ready non-the-less. Ready for that soft, sure, non-judgemental voice of reason everyone loved. Ready for her thoughtful interaction and witty Haiku's. Ready for her engaging laugh, astute observations, keen humor and smashing jitter bug. Ready and waiting.

In the mean time, I'll just say thanks for being a truly Great Mom here. You read a lot. Who knows, you may find your way to my blog too. Happy Mother's Day! And to those that came before and "after"; to Norma, Vera, Grace and Gertrude, Sarah, Martha, Sallie and Georgia, Lucinda, Catherine, Rachel and Mary, Lila, Eliza and Minnie Ann; Happy Mother's Day All.

May 1, 2009

It's in the Eyes

I was one of THOSE little girls, you know, the kind that pined for a horse. Never came closer to ownership than riding one of the picture ponies that roamed neighborhoods in the 50's. In my neck of the woods (actually there were no woods but indulge me), they always seemed to arrive when the San Joaquin Valley summer was it's hottest. Word would spread from house to house..."he's coming, the photographers coming". Small, bedecked cowgirls and cowboys would stand in wait for the man and his Shetland. I doubt if many of us really cared about having the photo taken, it was sittin' atop the pony that was so exciting. 

When my pony picture surfaces there is no cowgirl outfit. I'm sporting a striped sun suit, white cowboy hat with leather blanket stitching and a buck toothed smile. Annie Oakley had nothing on me. The funny thing about that photo is the little rider looks to be sitting astride a big, tall horse. The photographer must have been laying on the ground to pull that off. And you know, I kind of remember feeling like that horse was ten feet tall.

What I remember most from that day was the look in the eyes of the Shetland, safe and friendly. In the fifty or so years since, that kinship with horses has never left me. I've enjoyed riding every time the opportunity arose. The various horses have been slow and plodding, spunky and sprite, easy, headstrong, nippers and nuzzlers, leaders, followers and independents. Whatever their personality, it is always there, in the eyes. Horses, amazing and humbling animals.

Riding doesn't come up much these days. But just in case the pony photographer drops by, there's a black cowgirl hat edged in red blanket stitches within arms reach of the door. Be sure and let me know if you see him coming. Happy Trails!
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