January 11, 2011

End of Pumpkin Season

In an area where pumpkin fields sprout up in good numbers, seasons end often finds the leftovers making their way back into the land, enriching soil for next seasons growth. Where some see messy, others see next years bounty in the making. I see evidence of hard work and lovers of the land.


Teresa Evangeline said...

is this a photoshopped photo or a painting? Either way, it's beautiful - a pointillist effect.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks Teresa,
I process photos in Photoshop Elements. On some I do nothing other than size them for the web. On this one, and others, I apply numerous filters. Once done, I couldn't begin to say which ones I've used on an image because I have used so many. I keep playing with them until each stage seems right. Then I move on to the next filter until it feels finished. Often, when shooting, I have this kind of project in mind. Some settings lend themselves better to this approach than others.

So, short answer, photoshopped.

Had been posting these types of images at the other blog for awhile. (Sea Mist Studio) With last years more limited time, and this year looking similar, I'll probably close the Studio blog and just post everything here from now on. Not everyones taste, I know.

Basket gal said...

This so cool! It almost looks like batik. I love pumpkins:)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I love pumpkins too! Glad you like it. This is part of a farm out on Pioneer Ave on the way to Puyallup.

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