January 9, 2011

Spring Lupin

Ending the weekend with another bit 
of Mother Nature's sense of order. 
Spring Lupin. 
Mom Nature really has it down.
Have a great week!


Teresa Evangeline said...

Both the previous photo and this one are wonderful looks at the sweet mystery of flowers. I love their intricacies, which you've captured beautifully. Have a great week, Chris.
Hugs, Teresa

Basket gal said...

I love the closeup of this lupine...just lovely. I love lupines and their unique colors. I also love that they reseed themselves, grow with very little care and the deer don't eat them! Have a great week and I am so glad you are back blogging. You always cheer up my day:)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Floral intricacies seem to be one of natures best acts. As is the area of those red rocks you've been writing about. Thanks Teresa. Shooting flowers, as you know, is pretty fun.

I agree, the reseeding of Lupine are a terrific feature. I used to sprinkle their seeds in the lower yard and be rewarded for years and years after. These were grown by the woman in Tacoma who has made an art of gardening between the sidewalk and the curb. Always happy to cheer a day! Especially yours.

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