November 30, 2011

Skeletal Remains

Hmm. Doubt is creeping in. There is a chance, just a chance mind you, that I have watched too many episodes of NCIS. All I can think of when I look at this image is skeletal remains. Since I don't catch much TV, I'm beginning to wonder if I need a bit more, just to balance my perspective?

I do love what's left behind at seasons end. The fall season that is, not a cliff hanger.

November 28, 2011

Branch Clinging

when leaves begin their annual fall
they don't fall all at once.

They leave us a few branch clinging holdouts
for twilight.

November 26, 2011

Keeping It Simple

We have been taking a few days off before the work week rolls around again. I'm mulling over some handmade project ideas and enjoying the current quiet light rain. Keeping it simple.

November 20, 2011

University of WA Botanic Gardens

A week ago, co-workers and I had the opportunity to attend an afternoon Symposium on Ocean Acidification held at the University of WA Botanic Garden facility in Seattle. The speakers and the grounds were excellent. 

Fortunately we arrived a few minutes early and were able to walk about. Unfortunately, mid program I had to excuse myself, due to an obnoxious cough. Always better to depart under ones own steam, than to be carried out by an angry crowd. My walk to the car did provide time to catch a few more images.

Twilight on the fading perennials made for some interesting colors and light shifts. If you have to miss out on something you have really been looking forward to hearing, this is a pretty nice alternative. I'll return one day for closer inspection; spring and summer.

In case you have an interest in the ocean acidification topic, the symposium was put on by WA Sea Grant. I am guessing the materials from the presentations will be posted on their site soon. There is a link to a related interview there now. The details can be found here at the WA Sea Grant website.

November 19, 2011

Seasons Go Round

The heavy rain, cold temps and stronger winds have been having their way with our regional fall leaves. Color came on a bit late and then seemed to begin its shift almost as quickly, or so it seemed to me. Mother nature's way of reminding us to pay attention, take in the magic moments and be grateful. 

I have been making every effort to catch what I can, with camera and senses, when possible. Twice I have been caught up in swirling/dropping/blowing moments of yellows, reds and more; taking my breath, giving me the chills. The same kind of chills I get when listening to this version of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" preformed by Jennifer Nettles and Ben Harper at this years Kennedy Center Honors. 
The seasons go round. 
Firing up, coloring up, clean and still, renewing. 

Photos taken in Wright Park, Tacoma.

November 12, 2011

Sleeping In

Fall has many faces. Not all filled with the lush color of leaves gracing branches and ground. Admittedly those are the images that first come to my mind when making its way into my thinking each year. Just the word gets my heart racing, camera twitchy, motor runnin'.

But fall does have many faces here in the Northwest. And it can be clever. Pesky. But not to the extent of the insane fog in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Tule Fog. It is famous for the many dangers that march in step with its progress.

Instead the fog of the Northwest, though thick at times, seems to softly hover; framing, highlighting and dissolving by mid morn most often. Though not always. Some Sunday mornings it lingers long enough for me to finish my early chores and give it a good chase.

Such was the case on a Sunday morn in Manchester where boats were having a quiet foggy float. Seattle, in the distance, remained shrouded. Sleeping in.

November 5, 2011

I Made a Silent Vow

I wasn't really sure this was what I saw last night, until pulling it off the camera card just now. 

Had anyone asked me, when leaving work an hour early, if I intended to stop and take pictures on the way home I would have laughed. Strong cold germs are rolling through our work group and found me in the morning. By late afternoon I surrendered to the cold and fever. Heading home it seemed everyone who wasn't in line at the pharmacy was lined up in the commute. I made a silent vow to keep moving until my head hit the pillow no matter what. 

The thing about making vows is, they seem to tempt failure. But this one failed in a good way. About a half mile from the spot pictured, I could barely see golden purple clouds over tree tops and knew the sunset would be something at Henderson Bay. We were all moving soooooo slowly I was certain it would be gone before I could catch a glimpse. 

Much to my surprise, after cresting the small bridge to the bay, this view was there for the taking. Cars seemed to evaporate. I was able to pull over and take a few shots. Then I got a bee in my bonnet to take some shots at waters edge. I drove down to the area near those old pilings you see and spent some time with the camera in the cool fall evening air. It was an amazing place to be in that moment. Humbling. 

I made a silent vow to rethink my vow failure theory. 

Hope there are some colors in your weekend!
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