May 31, 2010

Extra Busy

The truth. What can I say about being so long gone from the blog other than that, the truth. I've been overwhelmed. A range of things lovely, wonderful and not, support the choice of the word overwhelmed. We have all been there in one way or another I'm sure. 

Still. That is no excuse for not getting online long enough to at least say I'm gone for a bit but... I will be back. No excuse and I apologize for it and thank you each (you know who you are) for checking in and caring. In my new job as with my previous job, May and June are extra busy on weekdays and weekends, so I suspect my attention to SeaMist and Sunsets will continue to be limited for awhile. 

A couple of the things that have taken place between my last post and now include a quick trip to California for a wonderful wedding, and a trip to Eastern, WA for a work related training. Following the training I took a day off and drove on to the area of WA farmland known as the Palouse. It is one of those places that makes my camera bag twitch when it's name is spoken. My hope had always been Spring or Fall for the journey. I'm so happy the Spring timing worked out.

Someone with time for setting up a tripod and who uses a more elaborate camera would have done a bang up job. The area was rich with shades of spring green, big sky, magic clouds and evidence of hard field work around every turn. 

Do Google Palouse so you can see some of the beautiful photos the experts have taken of the area. Like everywhere else, first light and last are magical times to capture images. On the Palouse that is especially true since it is a vast sea of hills. I really don't remember the last time my hand reached for my heart so often in reaction to beauty. Many of those images are locked in my head rather than in the camera as there was no place to stop. 

I haven't even had a chance to look at most of the photos yet.  But, I know this without looking; when time and schedules allow, there is much more ground to be covered in South Eastern WA and photos to be taken. Hugs to each of you!
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