January 18, 2012

It Has Been Snowing Here

It has been snowing here in western Washington. 
The transformation of shapes is underway. 

Fall's rabbit...

now looks more like a 
late trick-or-treater.

Quiet, fluffy whiteness settled everywhere.
So grateful that my workplace closed for the day 
and we were asked to stay home and off the roads.
An amazing amount of people 
were running into each other on the highways. 

Hope we are loving the snow as much in the morning 
when digging the car out as we did today. 

Sending you wishes for a lovely day of your own.

Apologies for the blur in the snow rabbit photo. The temps had my hands shaking by the time I found him. 

January 15, 2012

I Float You a Flower

“All things want to float.” 
Rainer Maria Rilke
And so, I float you a flower. One that seemed to float above it's long slender stem. Thank you Mum and all the sister mums floating at the Wright Park Conservatory. I hope they are warm and toasty on this day of floating white snow. And that each of you are warm and toasty too!

January 7, 2012

Like a Welcome Summer Rain

Like a welcome summer rain, 
humor may suddenly cleanse and cool 
the earth, 
the air and you.

Langston Hughes

The image was taken at an antique store in Anacortes, WA three years a ago. Vintage umbrellas were hanging from the ceiling in groups, raining light and patterns.

January 3, 2012


How quickly the gifts of spring, summer and fall pass.


Adjective: Lasting for a very short time: "hoping to get a fleeting glimpse".

Synonyms: transient - transitory - fugitive - ephemeral - passing

January 1, 2012

The Shapes of the World

Though this first day of 2012 will flow into the next, as did yesterday, it is a starting point as well. Carries possibility. I've been giving that thought. Possibility. Trying to "feel the shape of things to come" as David Whyte says below. An annual review of what I do and what more I might, to make it better; this magical spinning orb that carries us into the new year. 

The global communication made possible through the gift of blogs is a treasure and an important tool. Thanks to each of you for your part. May your New Year be filled with light, love and "the sound of home." Hugs, Chris

The Shapes of the World
By David Whyte

From the book 'Where Many Rivers Meet'
Poems by David Whyte

Stooped low on the beach gathering firewood,
round, bleached and shaped by a gracious weather,
I find the eyes of mythical totems,
the shapes of fish and orca's fins.

My friend tends the fish, I tend the fire.
Slowly the fish fries in it's round black pan.
Beneath, the innumerable shapes of other fish
salted by many years, burn blue and red
and yellow.

Our two kayaks are turned on a gravel beach,
steel grey light on their upturned bows,
while woodsmoke drifts out beyond them,
smudging the islands guarding the cove.

Through those small islands we coasted
skirting the wild weather chasing our sterns,
and I remember, that as we struck gravel
I felt the shape of things to come.

It was as if I remembered how all things fit
one to another and the sound of gravel
was the sound of home, and at the place where 
water meets land I could meet all things.

On the cold beach we made a nest, a tent
shadowed by trees, a small fire, a place to sit.
The pure silence of honest work,
twigs cracking in the moist air.

Above us the young eagle circled
seeking a glimmer in the sea.
The waves murmured on the beach,
the gravel's voice rising and falling.

When we find a home like this
it must be that the old ones come by,
join us on the rough log seats,
through their arms round our shoulders,

speak lovingly of the eagle,
laugh between mouthfuls of fish.
Tell us to go back, tell the old stories.
How the shapes of the world can speak.
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