August 26, 2011

Seeds of Patience

Where better to learn patience than in the garden, 

where seeds are sown
flowers grow
and return 
to seeds
to be sown

and so 
the circle goes
and grows
into seeds of patience.

August 22, 2011

For Grace

I've uploaded these images with thoughts of my Grandma Grace. She was shy, loved and grew beautiful flowers, made delicious cobblers and filled many of my childhood days with song. Her favorites were the old hymns and she was most happy when she was singing them while doing dishes. Her soft voice would carry out the little window over the sink to the garden, where rows of her colorful treasures grew.

When younger, she accompanied her singing with strings and there is a wonderful old picture of her playing her instrument in the garden, back in Missouri, as a teen. The instrument didn't complete the journey through the states Grandma lived in, while making her way to CA with my Grandpa and their children. Thankfully words are light to carry so the songs continued to spill out long after the strings quieted. 

Grandma and Grandpa lived a simple, self reliant lifestyle. They dealt with the things that really matter; getting by as best they could while raising six wonderful children. They suffered losses and challenges, worked hard and rested little. Nothing was fancy but everything was dear. A family gathering with the children and grandchildren was the best of times. A shady spot, iced tea and shared laughter was the recipe for perfection; followed by dish washing and grandma's songs. Her favorite was He Walks With Me. How could it not be, taking place in the garden with dew on the roses. I make a trip to the Point Defiance Rose Garden, in near by Tacoma, each summer and think of her and that last song we played in her honor.

I don't remember ever discussing the particulars of religion with Grandma. She may have attended a church before I was blessed to know her, but by that point, she carried her church with her in those songs. 

Had she asked, she would have found we saw things of a religious nature differently. It wouldn't have mattered. She was about heart and home and family. If you fell into one or more of those areas, you were bound to her by threads of love for life. If she was here, I would share this song by Iris DeMent with her. Comes close to my thinking and I have no doubt Grandma would have loved it.

August 16, 2011

It Might Surprise You

It seems my camera just isn't happy 
without tracking down a few reflections each month. 
This one was taken in a place that might surprise you. 
I'll let you think about it for a bit.

(August 20th addition: The photo above was taken in one of the holding pools at the local wastewater treatment plant. They have recently gone through a huge renovation with numerous positive outcomes which benefit local waters.)

August 14, 2011

I Took a Stroll

Another of last weekends photos was ready and waiting for today's post. Same variety, same viewing position but definitely not the same color. :) What's not to love about a Gerbera Daisy? Is it becoming evident that I took a stroll through my favorite nursery recently? Sunnycrest Nursery in Gig Harbor is always a treat haven. Do visit if you have the time. Some of my favorite people can be found their daily. This flower was hard to miss.

Sending wishes for a fine week to all.

August 13, 2011


Some days seem best suited for details
and others for looking at the big picture. 
Today I donned the reading glasses and went for detail. 
Hope your Saturday gave you options as well. 

August 7, 2011

Made for Walking

The grounds of the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island in WA provide a calmness I adore. Originally the second home and grounds of folks from Seattle, the properties are now open to the public. For a number of years walking the reserve required a reservation, which meant more certainty of schedule than I typically have when over that way. More recently the reservation requirement has been dropped. There is a charge to explore the grounds, with the resulting funds used for property maintenance.

Mr. Bloedel had a vision and passion for landscaping and a variety of garden styles. Over time many were established with wonderful transitions along the way. The use of flowering plants is limited and in many areas, the natural wet forested inclinations are reflected in seemingly unplanned stretches of mosses and decaying fallen trees. Don't let me mislead you; organization and control are present, but there is respect for the land and areas left open to natures construct as well.

I am no expert, by any stretch of the imagination, on landscape architecture or formal gardening. What I do know is that the Bloedel's created, and left us, comfortably landscaped grounds made for walking in beauty. Having only been there twice over the years, with limited time, there is more to be discovered. What I learned this spring past is where some of the most exciting shades of green are hiding. A fine place for getting in a good long walk in the fresh air.

August 6, 2011

The Urge to Protect

There are times 
when the temptation to reach out 
and steady those we love, 
wing tip to wing tip, 
can be overwhelming. 

Assist them 
in avoiding harm 
without disruption 
of freedom and zest.

To protect. 

The risk, 
of throwing balance 
off its ever shifting perfect point, 
resides in the wing touch. 

The challenge is 
to step away. 

Be the spotter. 

Enjoy the show. 

And, be able to see what’s coming 
in time to roll out of harms way,
not into it. 
Of course this only works
if you are present.


A week ago today, while dashing for a runaway grocery cart, my husband tripped. Unfortunately his forehead made very hard contact with the cart handle, rearranging things a bit, before he hit the pavement. Others nearby gathered calling 911, providing support, a wet towel for pressure, ice pack and monitoring his situation until members of the Gig Harbor Fire Department arrived. 

When I got there he was ready for transport to the hospital where a great doctor and team masterfully stitched my guy back together again. He is now doing well; sporting a look that goes perfectly with his well honed pirate AARRRGGG. Wallace Beery aka Long John Silver of “Treasure Island” fame, would be proud. 

We are so very grateful for all who, without knowing Rick, didn’t hesitate to provide quick thinking and kind support to someone in need. May that kindness be returned to you tenfold. 
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