January 5, 2011

Sprinkle and Serve

Recipe for a Thin Slice of Calm
Gently blend equal parts; metal and water. 
Add a pinch of rust and
a dash of ducks.
Let settle.
Sprinkle with muted light and serve.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Beautiful. The rust on the edge of the metal and the ducks create a wonderful composition. Your water pics always feel so good.

Basket gal said...

I love this! Your writing is lovely, too! So nice to have you back blogging:) Thanks for the calendar idea...I am thinking about doing one next year with the basket photos.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks so much. Those ducks had me happily clicking away for quite awhile. There is a sail boat I loved just to the right. Will try and post it soon as a companion.

I really appreciate your kind words. Always have, always will. Do the calendar. Your baskets and the images of them are so great, it will make a wonderful collection. OR, your history of basket making w/ baskets, in book form.

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