November 2, 2010

Where Donkey Creek enters Gig Harbor Bay

This is the point where Donkey Creek enters Gig Harbor Bay. The harbor is a lovely place, sunrise to sunset, but I often wonder, would it be as enchanting without the grace of Mt Rainier in the distance? She seems to me, the candlelight that changes a beautiful supper into a night to remember.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Your title sounds like the title for a good old folk song, Irish perhaps. Love it! Great pic! The mountain does hold the light, doesn't it?

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks Teresa,
Ah, a bit o the Irish is it?
When we first moved here, decades ago, Mt. Rainier served as my personal GPS system. My mental map had most cities and towns positioned in relationship to the mountain. These days she is a reassurance that, in this moment, all is well. Knowing she is going through significant climate change impacts and that she will erupt at some point, seems to make her quiet candle light all the more precious.

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