May 26, 2012

Lakewold Gardens

Yesterday I walked Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, WA for the first time. It was a beautiful day and there were only a few people spread throughout the vast grounds. Spending time on pathways filled with old established Rhododendrons was my goal, and proved to be a real treat.

What I didn't expect was how lovely all the grounds would be, nor that the show stealer, on this day, would be something entirely different than the rhodys.

As you can see there were many fun things in bloom.

And fun places to get lost in thought.

And then I caught sight of the back of the house,

and the porch running the length of it, 
draped in wisteria blooms. 

A couple of other women and I gathered under the arbor 
for a time in stunned silence. 

Magic. One of life's perfect moments.

Lakewold Gardens is a wonderful place to be outdoors, 
take in some lovely scents 
and enjoy all the peaceful garden nooks, brooks and vistas. 

The house and 10 acre grounds sitting beside Gravelly Lake have been the site of many weddings and events through the years. Rather than try and fill you in on all the interesting history of Lakewold, I'm including links below to the garden, it's history and The Garden Shop.

Another GREAT reason for visiting Lakewold Gardens is The Garden Shop which sits just to the right as you enter the grounds. I've enjoyed many a cup of tea and conversation with Vickie, the proprietor, over the years, while poking through the wonderful selection of unusual plants and tools available there. It was fun to see her again yesterday. I left with a Diggit 2 garden tool for weeding. It looks a bit like a fern trowel with serrated edges, and a serious grip for those of us whose hands aren't as good at grasping as they used to be.

I'll leave you with just one more view of those Wisteria flowers. They followed me home and filled my dreams last night. Truly. Take a look at the links below and see if the magic of a digital stroll through Lakewold doesn't do the same for you. There is an interesting film short in the history section worth watching. 

Sorry for the over imaged post. Just be thankful I resisted posting all the pictures I made there. Yikes. Be sure and click on them for a bit larger view if so inclined.


tiedyejudy said...

Oh, my! I'm almost speechless at the beauty of this Garden! I've never seen white Wisteria... in So. Ca., they have a Wisteria festival... I think in Altadena, with beautiful old vines that bloom every year. But the overall beauty of Lakewold is stunning! I don't blame you for wanting to spend time there... thanks for sharing all the wonderful shots you took!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks Judy,
My pleasure. I actually have a white wisteria but it has never bloomed more than once or twice and the chains three or four at the most) were only small clumps about three inches long. Standing under those pictured below felt like peeking out from under a tablecloth. They have a couple of purple ones planted in there as well but are hidden by the white blooms.

Lakewold is really something special and i'm just tickled I was able to time the day off with good weather. The only thing better would be being there at sunrise. Not complaining.

Now you have me wanting to go back to CA for a peek at Altadena. I've never been there. Wisteria Festival, oh my!

tiedyejudy said...

I lied! It's in Sierra Madre... check it out: And where I lived, in South Pasadena, there was a beautiful vine about 1/2 mile from where I lived that I would see on spring walks... gorgeous!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Wow! Thanks for tracking this down and sharing it Judy. Hard to even imagine one blooming plant that spans more than an acre. 250 tons. Beautiful it is, and amazing.

On my mental someday I "would like to do" list is a visit Forest Lawn Cemetary. The one in Goleta I believe, if memory serves. My great grandparents are buried there and the gardens look lovely. Sierra Madre doesn't seem very far from there... hmm.

Thanks again for finding this info Judy. That wisteria is really something.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Sorry for all the typos. Talking and typing, bad combo.

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