May 31, 2009

In Progress

When I'm working on a project with many layers and hours, there comes a point where I have to stand back, let it marinade and give my eyes a rest. Then it's back to it later with a fresh look and refinements. As I was about to save this for later, I suddenly saw the cat face in the kimono. Do you see it too? There were seven or eight pieces that went into making the kimono. None of them bore any resemblance to a cat, or so I thought. It seems one looked like half a cat, then a whole cat once duplicated, flipped and combined. How fitting. Our elderly kitty, Indigo, has been feeling pretty punk for a day or so. Looks like a Scottish Fold Cat is bringing her good wishes. 

Happy Sunday. Hope your day had a surprise or two as well.

1 comment:

Basket gal said...

I do see the cat. This is this the piece you are working on for your show? You are extremely talented...always a fan!

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