May 24, 2009

With a Nod to The Princess Bride...Mawwage

Mawwage (with a nod to The Princess Bride) vows were spoken recently by our Niece and her soul mate beside Lake Pend Oreille in ID. They have known each other well and long, which seemed to make their day all the more special. Weddings are always wonderful occasions, but on this day no one could quit smiling, dawn to dawn. 

The gift of sunshine and the magical setting could have had a bit to do with all the grinning. At 1150 ft in depth and 65 miles in length, Lake Pend Oreille is no small pond. It is beautiful at every bend in the road that runs around it. 

The classical guitar accompaniment to the wedding and day was as delightful as the spirit of the player.

The reception was held up the road in the community of Hope, beside this little church, a stones throw from the lake. 

There were literally a few hundred moments caught by my camera that day, but this was one of my favorites. My Nieces best friend from Hawaii made it to the wedding and had to dash back that afternoon for a very special event of her own. She was headed out right after this shot. Two lovely, smart, compassionate and hard working young women. 

The little old church with it's "in keeping" newer addition, added by my Nieces new grandfather, had some lovely details. While wandering around it I saw these prayer flags which seemed to be enjoying the sun and light breeze as well. 

Some wonderful old arched stained glass windows lined two sides of the church. I found myself wishing I could return at night to see them in the light these candles would provide. Instead we were on to another setting for dinner and later another for dancing. Fun was had by all, though admittedly those of us with a few more years in age didn't actually see both of those previously mentioned dawns!

And finally, this was one of the views from our room. Each day, morning and evening, it changed faces. Can you tell we have fallen for Pend Oreille? I'm guessing family, the memories made and images caught will have us wandering back to Northern Idaho again. In the mean time, we love having a feel for the place our Niece and her husband call home, along with the great group of friends and family they have around them. Congrats S & J !

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Basket gal said...

What a beautiful wedding with beautiful people. I also fell in love with Northern Idaho years ago...I'm happy that you got to experience it, too!

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