June 1, 2009

What Could I Do?

There is a small magical house on a corner in Tacoma where the owner pushes the space between sidewalk and street to the max. The grass vanished long ago and was replaced with richly composted soil, trees and a perennial parade that delights all who pass. The little home and it's gardens have been in the local paper on more than one occasion, keeping those passer-by numbers high.

I raced to do an errand last week at lunch and was pulled here (and to Wright Park again) instead. What could I do? There is much to see once the thousands of blooms bloom. The mass of foxgloves were close to bursting. I'll go again this week. 

There are so many areas on this corner property that beam with color, strong and soft. But it's that long border that keeps me coming back year after year. Walking to and fro, with tall lush plantings reaching out to touch my shoulders, leaves me scented with fresh growth.

This gives you the view from the sidewalk. I'm sure at a few points the neighbors must have thought I was lost for good as I crouched down to try and snap shots again and again. 

There was a steady breeze blowing so a good many of my photo attempts failed, but a few flowers kindly stood still for a second or two. If you are in the Tacoma area and needing a beauty blast, head for the corner of 13th and Verde. Maybe we'll see each other there.

PS...These photos can be clicked on for a bit closer look. I would do that more often but the loading time taxes my patience. 

Oh, almost forgot, if you are in the mood for flowers be sure and check out my friends at Family Fusion for more home grown floral fun.

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Basket gal said...

Wow, beautiful flowers and great that the property owner did this. I keep trying to fill up all the space that surrounds us at our place too, but Chris keeps saying "No more weeds with flowers"! (that's how he sees flowers, so I keep planting more!) I'm like you, I can't get enough of the amazing colors and shapes. (I learned how to put a link in my posting today because of you...thanks!)

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