May 27, 2009

Idaho Texture and Textiles

Here are a few Idaho texture and textile shots from our wanderings. We loved the outdoors but there were some awfully lovely textures indoors as well. Gad I love fibers. It was kind of the shop owners to allow me take the photos. Must dash. Hope you enjoy them.


Basket gal said...

I love these photos! You have always had a wonderful way of seeing things! The brooms are especially nice. (Now I wonder if I can make one out of pine needles?)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Basket gal,
I always think of you when I see these handmade brooms and forget to mention them to you. Have caught them in a few locations and shot them, just haven't posted any before. I'll try and remember to do so for you. They would be pretty cool in pine. Maybe little whisk brushes?

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