May 6, 2009

Ready and Waiting

When that day rolls around each year to turn the clock back, I find myself wishing it would turn back a fare distance. Far enough to spend a few more years or days or hours with my Mom. That type of wish is not likely to come true. This year, I'm gearing up, getting ready and by autumn when time turns back, a wish for Dreams with Mom will be sent as far and wide as I can wish it.

Dreams visit my sleep often and are usually with me in detail when I wake. Most of the dreams are happy, some harbingers, a few frightening as hell and others pure gifts. Those harbingers can be pretty scary and clear, yet it's the gift dreams that stay for years in the most perfect detail. Recently Great Grandfather Flowers ever so quietly stepped into my dream time. He smiled while handing me a beautiful dove and then he was gone. May have been the shortest and most peaceful dream of all.

Sleeping dreams of Mom are rare. Too close for comfort I guess. Well, its time to change that pattern and make way for her star studded return to the screen. OK, she wasn't on the screen and she certainly never wore studs, but I'm ready non-the-less. Ready for that soft, sure, non-judgemental voice of reason everyone loved. Ready for her thoughtful interaction and witty Haiku's. Ready for her engaging laugh, astute observations, keen humor and smashing jitter bug. Ready and waiting.

In the mean time, I'll just say thanks for being a truly Great Mom here. You read a lot. Who knows, you may find your way to my blog too. Happy Mother's Day! And to those that came before and "after"; to Norma, Vera, Grace and Gertrude, Sarah, Martha, Sallie and Georgia, Lucinda, Catherine, Rachel and Mary, Lila, Eliza and Minnie Ann; Happy Mother's Day All.


Basket gal said...

I feel your mom is watching and reading! I wish I could have met your mother, but I feel I do know her because a part of her lives in you. (Plus all of the stories that you have shared over the years helps, too!)

art spirit said...

Hi Chris...enjoying you blog as always....such glorious photographs and fun to read of your adventures..both inner and outer!
see you in June!

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