February 8, 2009

While We Are At It

In the previous post I mentioned the downside of taking photos in low light; grainy results without speed adjustments and a tripod. The photo above is one of my best examples of grainy misfortunes. (Sounds like a disease) I was sitting with family in a seaside restaurant in California having dinner in a nook surrounded by windows. We were all chattering away when I turned to see the final moments of a top ten sunset. The good news - I had my camera near by, the bad news - there was no time to get outside. Between the light issues and the scarred windows from years of salt sea battering, a clean photo wasn't going to happen. With some maneuvering I found a place where the window marks spread out just enough to allow the sun to be mostly unmarred and caught a few sky magic reminders. Again, bad according to photo hoyle in a number of ways but what a sight it was!

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