February 1, 2009

Barking Differences

In and earlier post (I know, again no link to one of my own posts. Can someone tell me how to do that?)...anyway, in an earlier post Dave had me thinking about nature's amazing beauty and it's variations. I responded mentioning some tree bark caught by the camera at the same Conservatory housing Spring in Winter. 

These are those...those trees bearing bark of interesting texture, color and character. Not every ones notion of beautiful, but I find them so. I think it's the boldness I find so appealing. Though I don't know what they are or where they originated, I'm pretty sure mother nature had some specific reasons for their appearance.

Time and time again through the years, my cameras have landed on bark and it's variations. The barks that hold on, build up and form a protection to the finish. Or the barks which seasonally peel away like natures striptease, while building deeper and more interesting textures as they age.  Maybe that is the draw, they are like us. More interesting and reflective of exposures as the years pass. 

Glad the writing of the piece below triggered my memory enough to follow through on this posting promise. Memory is not my strongest suit these days. This one's for you Dave! 

1 comment:

art spirit said...

Incredible what Mother Nature comes up with! I love the photos...and love trees in general, too!

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