February 6, 2009

Thanks Again Mother Nature

My daily commute takes me past places that can be so lovely it takes my breath away, especially when the light is just right. Of course enjoying these places requires looking at them while moving, which is not the safest option ... OR ... stopping. That option can be tricky too. None-the-less, when the stars line up (figuratively speaking) and there is a sunset firing up the bay whadayagonnado? Me? In this case, between the stars, the pull of the little camera riding shotgun and the vanishing light, I couldn't pull over fast enough.   

Yes, those lights to the right are on coming cars and I am standing right beside the drivers door of my car. Gives you an idea of the tricky (read stupid) aspect of this move. I swear, no cars were coming when I raced to the left and stopped like a kid on a BMX bike. There is no place to park on the other side of this narrow highway. In fact even the local badge wearing folks park this way sometimes. So, click, click, click. Did I mention it was cold? Click, click. Those birds were swimming but if they appear blurry, it probably has more to do with my shaking hands than their fast peddling feet. Click.

Now if you are reading this and you're a professional photographer; I know I didn't use the rule of thirds and photos get grainy when shooting this way in too little light. Don't care. After clicking with frozen fingers long enough to get two reasonably clear images to remember the moment and not getting hit by other sunset watchers, I'm a happy camper. It was an awfully good moment. One of those happy to be alive to see such magic, kind of moments. Thanks Mother nature, you got me again.

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