February 20, 2009

Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds

My work takes me out of the office to a number of locations in the area for meetings. One of them, the Nisqually River Council, meets at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge a few times a year. The refuge is a truly wonderful project and a great home to fish and foul. No matter the time of year or day, there is always something to see, even during times of dense fog. Bird watchers flock there in droves. 

My camera is always with me at the refuge and happily these meetings usually end during the lunch hour giving me time for a quick peek. I've taken some fun pictures when there, but I've never been standing right in the midst of a HUGE flock landing before. Geese aren't an unusual sight in Western Washington, but standing there as hundreds of them circled, landed, rose, circled and landed again, was humbling. About ten minutes later another big group came out of nowhere and joined those already munching grass. More than I have seen in one spot before. I was too close to catch a shot of them all so these small sections will have to do.

This was one of those rare days I was sorry I don't use a more serious camera. (With fast and sharp shooting capabilities) Years of leaving my 35mm's in the car or at home, because of the weight and bulk, led me to satisfaction with a nice point and shoot. Non-the-less today I would have walked through...uh, goose poop...for a really good camera. Short term, no ownership required. 

It was a special day; the estuary, birds and light were putting on a fine show for those of us milling around. I saw a man with a foot long camera lens heading down the trail leading out to the Puget Sound. Considered tackling him but it didn't seem prudent. Happy Friday all!
PS...yes George, Tippi Hedron did come to mind once or twice.

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Basket gal said...

Are you trying to get an entire new wardrobe with this many birds flying over your head?!! I still have a hard time watching "The Birds", because I was horrified when I watched it as a kid. We have gone canoeing here a couple of times in years past, so thanks for the reminder of the beauty of this area.

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