February 21, 2009

Camera Camouflage

Pink and fuchsia tulip fields this time. These scanned photos of the fields (see earlier tulip posts as well) are pretty frustrating to look at while holding the sharp originals in hand. Note to self, not all scanners are created equal. Still you can see how stunning all these colors were as we traveled from field to field. Bless my husbands patient soul. Again it's been a few years since all these Skagit Valley shots were taken and I'm told a lot less folks are farming tulips now.

Our local photo club will be making the tulip fields their first outing for the season this April. Last year (my first with the club) all the group photo trips fell on days I had work obligations. Hoping the timing works out better this season. I have a lot of room for improvement though I'm definitely out of my league equipment wise. The Sound Exposure Photo Club is made up of some great folks with amazing photography skills. Maybe I can camouflage my camera and they won't find me out. Right. 

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