February 20, 2009

Skagit Tulip Farms

For Northwest tulip lovers who gravitate to the Skagit Valley in tulip season, part of the beauty exists away from the fields in the tulip gardens. They provide an opportunity for the gardener in search of bulbs a view of the options for purchase sans identification. Simply pick your favorites, go home, cast the bulbs about and you too can have a scene like this the following year. She kids. Obviously there is more work involved, but that hit of tulip beauty in the spring is hard to beat. I have a friend (are you reading this?) who has been planting bulbs annual for many years; sometimes a few, other years far more than a few. Think drifts of color. She spends a lot of time smiling in the spring. Again, all of these tulip farm photos were scanned from shots taken with film a few years ago. Unfortunately their clarity reflects that fact.

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