December 22, 2008

Zooming Out

Zooming in or out with the camera can make things look so different. Below is an example of that. In one of my previous posts (sorry, haven't figured out embedding that kind of link yet) was a shot taken of the lake we live on. This photo is of the same spot following the next snow fall, though again it's melting.  In this shot I kept the foreground in, rather than zooming in to mid-lake and beyond as before. It provides a better perspective of my view, but it also lets you see how much that rhododendron SHOULD have pruned this fall. Who knew?

Below are a couple of other things I saw on a short, five minute excursion outside. Two large, frozen, snow laden limbs came crashing down in that time so I didn't linger. We have lost a few of them in the last 24 hours. Thankfully our power has remained on. It is beautiful out there. And this morning while peeking out the window I saw our two resident deer foraging. Wish I could invite them in until these cold temps pass.

At least the small birds have a few places around the property to cover up in a pinch. We have another snowfall expected to arrive tomorrow night. Hope thats it for awhile so the animals can warm up. And I can zoom out of here!

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