December 7, 2008

Fall Is Not Finished With You Yet!

One more image for you today before I'm gone for a few. A place I love to wander with my camera is Manchester State Park. The park itself isn't all that large but it has waterfront, a couple of interesting structures and a fun trail over a hill and through the woods. Truly. The building below, which I will show in other photos over time, has a large interior with tables for gatherings. Outside you can see the passing of a WA State Ferry each hour or so.

And just down the road from this little hidden park is a resident who keeps two camels. That may not be accurate as one has one hump, the other two. Whatever they are called, it is a bit of a surprise at first sighting. We aren't known in WA for desert sands and high dry temps but you knew that didn't you? Enjoy.

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