December 18, 2008

Reflections of Holidays Past

I love to wander through places filled with vintage, once treasured things. Their collections never cease to raise some sweet old memory or two for revisiting. And the holiday season seems an especially fertile time for remembering. Recently I visited the lulu o'toole shop in Gig Harbor, WA and saw a vintage holiday through the eyes of Gaelynn, the shop owner. She very kindly allowed me to go camera clicking as I shopped. She loves designing and redesigning areas of her store and the results are lovely. 

During these days leading up to Christmas I will include a few more photos of my favorite spots in lulu's, along with those already planned for posting. The photo above reminds me of Christmas at my grandparents home many, many years ago. Everything shined and there was always some bit of magic making underway. Thank you Gaelynn for providing the spark, each memory is a treasure.

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