December 28, 2008

Heritage Honored

Gig Harbor, WA is know to locals and travelers as a quaint fishing village. The Harbor's early Yugoslavian settlers brought with them a fishing tradition that continues to this day. Many make there way annually to Alaska in season. Not a job or destination for the weak of heart. The stories birthed from fishing those dangerous Northern waters have become a part of Gig Harbor's fiber. As with other fishing based communities, honors are bestowed on those men and women who survive a lifetime of reading the waters, weather and fish. No less honored are the men and women who faced those same challenges, but did not make it home. 

Jerisich Park, along the shore in Gig Harbor, is one of the spots set aside to honor a family long known for their fishing contributions. Standing in the park is the statue above; a reminder of the strength and determination required of fishermen, and stands for those lost at sea. Time stopped, heritage honored. I've often wondered, when returning home following a long and draining journey, if a crews first sight of the Harbor makes them think Quaint?

My apologies to the artist and creator of this statue for not identifying he or she. I will post that once found.

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