December 20, 2008

Late Night Visitors

Many places are cold across the country right now and Western WA is refusing to miss out on the fun. I thought I would show you the evidence of my surprise company night before last. Though the sun was out and the snow was already melting, I found these tracks (hope you can see them), explaining all the noises from the previous night. This busy little path is right beside our bedroom wall and one member of the animal parade decided to bed down in the plants to keep warm, based on the big thud against the wall. We have lived here on a hill beside a lake for thirty three years and I don't remember ever seeing this many snow tracks. Some appeared to be cat tracks and I'm guessing from a few of the clear impressions in another less melted area, it wasn't the domestic version. Where are the night goggles and camera when you need them? And wouldn't you know, this was the night my husband had to stay in town because all the roads to our house were closed due to ice. He missed the parade.

We live in an area that used to be considered rural. Not accurate any more and with all the added dwellings the wild animals are dwindling. Sad. I was reminded while my visitors were here of a place I lived on a mountain near Big Sur CA in 73'. In the night you could hear the raccoons climb the side of the house to a veranda to sleep, wild boar rooting under the trees and the occasional calling of the relatives of my recent bedded visitor. I hope that land remains graced with free roaming animals.

Before I close there is one more shot I took on this little walk that you might enjoy. At this point the lake was in varying stages of freezing and the trees had lost most of their white burdens. Not for long however. It is a white wonderland out there now. We have battened down the hatches; more snow is coming tonight and possibly heavy winds. With below freezing temps for a few days our firs are frozen. There is nothing quite so humbling as whipping frozen tall, tall trees and the cracking sound they make when falling. In our neck of the woods power outages are common, so I wanted to post these photos for you tonight just in case. Stay warm and listen for those late night visitors!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful shot of your area - how lucky to live so close to a view like that. Enjoy our snow - maybe it's a forced vacation for us crazy humans.

Vicki said...

It looks like santa's reindeer were handing out chocolate covered espresso beans! It is a good thing that they were not close to the stairs! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Love, Wicki

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