October 14, 2009

Outing to Olalla

When someone asked me why I spent last week's vacation where I live, instead of traveling, I had to smile. Traveling is wonderful to be sure, but this is the Puget Sound area of Washington. If I can't find something beautiful to look at nearby, I must not be looking. But I was looking and did indeed take a few drives just for that purpose. One outing was to Olalla, a little community twenty minutes away.

I stopped and watched the fishermen down by Al's grocery. Some were taking it easy fishing from the bridge while others were waterside doing some longer casting. Could have watched the fellow in the center of the photo above cast for hours. So graceful. That little splash to the far right was his landing.

Driving the roads hugging the Olalla area gave me two different perspectives. One road makes a narrow wind up the hill for some stunning glimpses of the sound.

Back down the hill and just past the bridge the cormorants were taking in the view with me from water level. Less glare and more color down below.

The other hugging road runs through Olalla valley. Farms, fields and horses here and there. The Olalla area has different temps and fall color wasn't as noticeable on this day. It was definitely in the air though. And warm enough to ride with the window open to enjoy those scents.

It was a lovely outing, a quiet eye feast. I treasure the area we live in. The seasons make sharp changes marking time with their passage. There is a wonderful range of lifestyles here, rural to urban, all close enough to offer change within minutes. So why would I want to vacation at home? Why not? But not because this area is better than another area. My answer has been the same no matter where I have lived. Beauty, or at the least something of interest is always there, you just have to look for it. Step out and see what you see. You'll be surprised at what you find, each and ever time, something new and different. Pinky swear.

By the way, the Olalla bridge is also the sight where folks gather annually to ring in the New Year at high tide by taking the plunge into cold water on a cold day. Traditions...

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