October 9, 2009

Happy Trails Indigo

We are missing our girl Indigo. For sixteen years she has been our bud and my shadow, side kick and occasional therapist in a "being there" sort of way. Turning eighty in cat years had her spending most of her days sleeping this last year which was fine, after all who doesn't like sweet dreams? But, a couple of big challenges with no cures befell our little octogenarian this last month. So, we did what we had to do... but don't you just hate it?

Not to be forgotten and ever the persistent soul, Indigo Kit Kit Jones is still a presence. She has been clinking her bowls, padding along the floors, occupying her place beside the computer and stealing my pillow in the night...just as if nothing had happened. Never missing a beat. Except she isn't here in person of course and I'm sure I haven't emptied any cat boxes in the time between then and now.

Indy developed a good deal of patience in the last few years after loosing her hopper. (A term my dear friend Chris invented and a malady they shared.) With that hopper on the fritz she covered far less ground. To keep her frustration to a minimum I sent her on imaginary trips which became the Indy Goes series. Indy Goes to Cambria is above. She always traveled with her trusty food bowl and that "feed me" look. During the development of each piece she would take her place on the desk and gaze at the screen. That was the journey, something to watch.

When Indigo finally decides we are OK, I suspect her future travels will take her far and wide. No trusty bowl needed, nor hunger to keep her attention from the beauty around her. Hope she works out the thumb thing and drops us a line once in awhile. Happy trails Indigo Kit Kit Jones, you are magic and greatly missed.

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art spirit said...

Chris...love my visits here and your beautiful photographs...like a visit to another world...
thank you for sharing your images with us!

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