October 3, 2009

Coming Out of the Shadows

And I am, coming out of the shadows that is and startled to see the date of my last post. This past month has been filled with ups, busy times, a few downs and ending on what looks to be an up. Always a good thing, those ups! I didn't want to leave the house this morning without touching base here to thank the folks who have kept checking in and finding nothing new. I really appreciate it. Just need to re-find my footing on occasion.

This work week was busy, busy, busy and many of the weeks to come before the end of this year are looking similar calendar wise. But NEXT WEEK that little black book was wide open for some reason and I going to take full advantage of it by taking some time off. Nothing fancy planned. There is enough work to do around here that I could take the year off an not be caught up. But for this week I have a few doable goals and the hopes of a couple of photo drives for good measure. Or therapy, you pick the descriptor.

I do want to put the plug in for a couple of local activities going on and coming up:

...Today is FarmFest in Pierce County, WA from 10am to 4pm. Many of the local organic farms will be open to the public and are welcoming folks to come and learn about their processes. Included is another event out at the Longbranch Community Center (on the Key Peninsula) related to things FIBER. Guess where I will be first? (As I write (11:00am) handspuns and the like are vanishing before I get a chance to see them. Ackkk)
...Next Saturday will be the Donkey Creek Chum Festival in Gig Harbor running about the same hours as above. The local fishermen, the environmental community, etc will be out celebrating the return of the Salmon to Donkey Creek. This annual event is fun, well attended and a great chance to really feel the return of fall as well. I along with other local Watershed Council, Conservation District and Shellfish Partner group members will be manning (womaning actually) the Salmon Painting booth. Come down and print a tee-shirt or other items. A fun, albeit messy, time awaits you. And lots of laughs of course.

That's it for now. Time to go visit some pumpkin fields with the camera and enjoy the lovely work of local crafts women and men. Maybe even hug a Lama, who knows!

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ProfGeo said...

Ah. Good. You're back. You'll like this re: your handspuns/fiber comment. So yesterday at the library sale I picked up this 1974 book, In Praise of Hands: Contemporary Crafts of the World, which you well know I would normally put right back down. Full of images and discussion on topics including handwoven & handstitched cloth. But it had an essay by Octavio Paz, "Use and Contemplation," from which I quote liberally:

"A glass jug, a wicker basket, a coarse muslin huipil, a wooden serving dish: beautiful objects, not despite their usefulness but because of it. Their beauty is simply an inherent part of them, like the perfume and the color of flowers. It is inseparable from their function: they are beautiful things because they are useful things... A utensil, a talisman, a symbol: beauty was the aura surrounding the object, the result--almost invariably an unintentional one--of the secret relation between its form and its meaning. Form: the way in which a thing is made; meaning: the purpose for which it is made."

So I paid the dollar yesterday, just in time for today. You know how it works.

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