October 24, 2009

The Fall Accounting Begins

And so the promised fall accounting begins. This gathering up of recent images was a bit more time consuming than I anticipated. I'll add more tomorrow. After culling through many hundreds of shots, these first few give you a sense of some of the things going on a few miles in either direction of us.

Timing. Just as the plants and trees are putting on their show, heavy rains and blustery winds have appeared as well. Catching color in stillness has been nearly impossible. Photos from a lunch walk through Wright Park Friday, which will be up tomorrow, were taken with drifts of leaves on the move and branches swaying. Apologies in advance.

It was wonderful really, to be out there with leaves flying and the winds whooshing about. The temps were in the 50's so it wasn't uncomfortable and I almost had the park to myself. We were very much alive...that wind, those trees and I. By Monday most of the fallen leaves will have been gathered up and on their way to the composting facility. So glad I got there when I did.


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