November 20, 2011

University of WA Botanic Gardens

A week ago, co-workers and I had the opportunity to attend an afternoon Symposium on Ocean Acidification held at the University of WA Botanic Garden facility in Seattle. The speakers and the grounds were excellent. 

Fortunately we arrived a few minutes early and were able to walk about. Unfortunately, mid program I had to excuse myself, due to an obnoxious cough. Always better to depart under ones own steam, than to be carried out by an angry crowd. My walk to the car did provide time to catch a few more images.

Twilight on the fading perennials made for some interesting colors and light shifts. If you have to miss out on something you have really been looking forward to hearing, this is a pretty nice alternative. I'll return one day for closer inspection; spring and summer.

In case you have an interest in the ocean acidification topic, the symposium was put on by WA Sea Grant. I am guessing the materials from the presentations will be posted on their site soon. There is a link to a related interview there now. The details can be found here at the WA Sea Grant website.


Rubye Jack said...

Beautiful photos!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Rubye,
Glad you enjoyed them. Sure was fun to see the grounds before the color faded.

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