January 6, 2009

Things are Thawing

At our little spot in WA things weather wise are ever changing. Snow is still piled along the road sides and covering untouched fields. The little lake of pics past is now well into thawing. Thawing and melting; always good for those of us who migrate back and forth to work daily. And we are not taking the ability to move about for granted. On the other side of the Cascade range the poor community of Spokane continues to deal with over five feet of accumulated snow. Definitely not their norm. Crazy weather season for all of us. So if this winter is, by any chance, a taste of the global weather changes we can expect from now on...I'm sending off for the outfit shown below. Prior, proper planning and all that. Be safe out there!

The photo: taken at Rainier National Park - one of the exhibits at the new facility at Paradise. Guess that means I can't order it after all.

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