January 25, 2009

Looking Inward

I'm looking inward today, trying to face my fears for my family and co-workers. Hoping to find a calm center as my place of employment goes through it's second in what is expected to be a series of cutbacks in 09'. The two offices I work for are down to the nub. As of this Friday past we will be looking to see if space exists below the nub.

I have been blessed, especially in the last few years, to work in a mixture of areas for which I have passion. Most jobs are stressful and tedious, but things I come in contact with through my work balance those challenges. Being able to witness and participate in aspects of broadened communication and projects that make the planet healthier are fulfilling beyond measure. And being a witness to the volunteerism that later supports some of  those efforts is humbling. 

As I reach into the shadows for that calming place, I do so with an added feeling of selfishness. Many people across the nation and around the world are in the same pickle. And many of the alternate ideas we might have had in the past to stay standing when the rug is on the slide, aren't viable in a sweeping economic decline. We are, as was so well expressed in the recent Inaugural speech, in this together.

So, as before, I will stay focused on the positives, work on distancing myself from the waves of worry and find my calm through the gratitude I feel for what has been. Oh, and figure out how to use Craig's List. 

The photo above was taken in California in 2004 if I remember correctly. This is a panel about 5 or 6 ft square. It was leaning against a wall under a tree, hence the shadows. Another in a more gray shade resides in a wall that forms a waterfall which cascades down the face. I think I have a shot of that as well, I'll check.


art spirit said...

LOVE this photo!

Vicki said...

Beautiful photo! I heard Jim Cramer from Mad Money say this week that we should stop worrying about where to invest our money and concentrate on feeding all of the unemployed people. I hope your job situation is ok. If not, remember I am a great baker and cook!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

As of yesterday it appears there may be a bit of space under that nub for now. We won't know for sure for a month or so. Vicki, you ARE a good cook, baker and dear friend. I agree with Jim Cramer. The numbers of homeless I'm seeing daily seem to be increasing at about the same rate services are disappearing. Plus winter weather is not giving them a break at all. With the national and local job loss numbers last week alone, it is going to take our support (citizens) to keep folks eating, warm and housed.

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