January 30, 2009

First Light

Last April while visiting dear friends and family in Pacific Grove, CA and the area, I spent one morning shooting my way around in a circle. It started at my motel door and ended there, but along the way I covered coastline, the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey and back down into Pacific Grove over the Hwy 68 hill. If you aren't familiar with the region, I hope you will be one day. The area has owned a piece of my heart for so long its probably there on view in some historical museum, along side those of my grandparents. 

Though the image above isn't fancy the light was and continued to be for a couple of hours. Not exactly like this the whole time of course, but it had a special quality. To say it beckoned me sounds fluffy, but each step of the way I seemed to be prompted to "come here, good, now hurry, okay just there on the left" and so on. At one point I was completely lost which of course ended with finding something great, a wonderful little park on the hill. The whole thing was out of my hands. By circles end I knew I had taken some shots that would be personal favorites. It was an exhilarating morning filled with the best medicine; salted sea air, waves, birds, deer, seals along with the sounds of the wharf and marina slowly waking.

Do yourself a favor when time and economy allow, get yourself to the Monterey Peninsula or some where similar. Don't forget your camera or easel.

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