January 22, 2009

Indigo Kit Kit Jones

I thought I would take a moment to introduce you to my favorite fur friend. Indigo is sixteen and a farm store find from many years ago. We have shared our little place on the hill with a number of dear animal friends. When we arrived here in 76' things around us were far more rural than today. That open space allowed for more freedom for our dogs, cats, chickens and a fierce rooster named Maynard. He is a story for another day. Now we are less rural and down to one cat. She is too old and health troubled to introduce someone new. Plus, she didn't come by that name without a kind of old west gun fighter attitude.

I think the lament went something like..."Indigo Kit Kit Jones, she's fast, she's mean, she's baaad to the bone...Indigo Kit Kit Jones". Why we have been bitten, scratched, attacked and out smarted too many times to count. Lets just say there was an adjustment period. Might have been about five years. I'm pretty sure all compromises made along the way were ours, not hers. None-the-less, in her heyday she was a skilled hunter, a fine gardening partner, surveyor, detective and great playmate. She liked nothing more on a late summer night than to hide in the bushes while I plaintively called her name over and over, worrying all the while that she had found her way to the road and cars. I'm embarrassed to remember how many times it took for me to realize she wasn't wandering, she was waiting. And I suspect, smiling.

These days her pace is hobbled, outdoors means sitting at the open door and breathing deeply, and rarely does she leave my side when I'm home. Through thick and thin. At this moment she is on the desk with cushioned support watching these letters appear on the screen. I try not to take her editing personally. "Say good night Indy".... ouch

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Vicki said...

This makes we want to burst out singing "Memories" from Cats. Thanks for the reminder about Maynard...it made me laugh. Teenagers and cats are a lot alike...it is a very humbling experience!

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