September 16, 2011


This image seems an accurate depiction of my week. 
Motion, reflection and a handful of ducks.
It's getting busy again...
I'll let the water speak for me.


Teresa Evangeline said...

I love your reflective posts. :)

Have a good weekend.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks Teresa,
Have some east coast folks visiting the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge today so will be heading down there to greet them at the newly installed mile long raised walk over the estuary. Haven't had a chance to walk it yet. Should be interesting and provide a bit of camera time. (Crossing fingers)
Hope your weekend is sprinkled with summer into fall light.

Basket gal said...

I hope you got some camera time at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, your water photos are always so beautiful.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi BG,
Sorry I missed seeing this post earlier.

I shot a ton of photos that day and will post a few at some point. The newly opened area is so vast, catching images that truly reflect it is more challenging then my camera is capable of doing well. I expected that once I started the long walk. It needs a wide angle lens.

So glad I was able to get out there and see the new area. It was a lower tide. The geese migrated through a couple of weeks prior, so few birds were in the area.

Hope you are having a fine fall BG.

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