September 3, 2011

About Respect and Honesty

Sharing the images I chase down or create and the occasional stories that accompany them, has been my pleasure for almost three years now. My hope is that you come here and find something pleasing. However, what you will not find here are the images and/or work of others, without approval, if at all possible. (read passed away - with no lingering copyright attachments, ie, in the public domain) You will occasionally find quotes, links to other sites, youtube, ect, with the author / creator / artist credited. 

I believe in the laws protecting intellectual property rights and the reasoning behind them. The folks whose interests they protect are typically the least able to afford any other avenues of protection for their work. They are some of the hardest hit by digital age piracy and the economic decline. Right below human services. Along the way I have periodically had folks take my images without permission, and recently with more frequency. There are better paths.

So, to those who would follow that lower path, please reconsider. I ask that you ASK. It is about respect and honesty. Lack of it ultimately cancels out generosity. The email address, in the "copyright" panel to the right, has been provided for just that purpose. I think you will find my limitations of use are few and simple, if your request is reasonable. To the folks who have asked along the way I am honored and thank you. You set the bar.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Chris, I don't blame you one bit. I am curious, how did you know it had happened? I've seen gothise in my stats lately and am wondering about it....

Do you think I should remove my Rilke piece you created in case they've taken it from my page?

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Teresa,

Under blogger, I too use the stats section which can be opened for more information. (click More) It gives you a pretty good level of detail. I also use sitemeter (free) which provides a bit more information and shows when an image has been picked up and where from. I also use another program which tracks individual images throughout the internet by image id and title. Even if the base (taken) image is changed over time it can still be tracked. The name escapes me in this moment but I'll email it to you.

No I don't think you should remove the Rilke piece. The quote is credited to Rilke and the image to me. The stuff taken has been from my site directly, not anything from yours in this regard that I am aware of.

Our images are however also picked up by google's traveling "bot" and can be swiped from their google/images area. It also picks up those small images from personal id's that show up in the section like you have running on the side with updates on who has been to the site. Not sure what to call it. Grethe has it too. Have seen those when I call up my stuff. It also links images on sites that I have visited.

On sites we visit frequently, it goes out and picks up something of interest from those and visa versa. So folks search and find us through word searches and image searches. And that image search engine will bring up different images based on how I enter the seamist title. All one word, broken up, etc. Some full images, some of those little images, etc.

I'm no expert. That is just my thinking on how it works. I think it keeps track of what is looked a most recently along with most often. Like blogger stats. Yahoo likely does the same thing.

This theft problem is not a new issue. Have just had a few of these examples lately which finally moved me from silence to speaking up.

You do a fine job of crediting, etc. But you know better than most of us, how hard it is for folks out there trying to make a living in the arts. They are the folks that I worry for in this regard.

Can't tell you how much your continuing effort to educate us on the works of past and present creatives impresses me. Your background, gallery time, writing skills, experiences and heart form a gift for each who finds the path to your blog. Plus the opportunity for some great chuckles!

Hugs and love,

tiedyejudy said...

Chris, you make me glad I asked before using your image from Taos as inspiration for my fiber art piece. And I even gave you credit on the back of the piece to let the new owners know the source of my inspiration. It is such an easy thing to just ask! And you were very gracious to give me permission. Too bad others can't see the value of being honest and aboveboard!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks so much for your comments. Nothing about making images has pleased me more than knowing the Taos backroads image sparked something for you which transitioned into your quilt design. Had hoped to do a post on it before time slipped into hyper drive this last year.

Everyone sharing ideas, history, tales and images along with sparking creativity is what I love most about blogs. And the connections that follow, like ours, are gifts I really appreciate.

I probably should have simply said; “to those taking images for duplication and print, no, no, bad” and left it at that.

Basket gal said..., no bad! Thank you for letting me print copies of your photos for the "wall of inspiration" are up there many times. Thank you for the information, too. I will have to see if my photos are being taken without permission.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

You are more than welcome BG, it is my pleasure, as you know. Your photos and baskets inspire me as well. Now, get thee to the garden lass!

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