September 9, 2011

Ah the Lacecaps

Just a quick run through
Wright Park Conservatory
in Tacoma
for a bit of floral therapy.

Guaranteed to have something fun
with each visit
fully engaging 
the camera and my attention 
to slow the day  
for a handful of minutes.

Ah the Lacecaps,
Hydranges they are
favorites of mine
simply waiting there
for admirers.

Pampered contestants all.

much better suited 
to flowers 
than people.

How kind of the Conservatory
to arrange the pageant
just for us.
Have a great weekend!


Teresa Evangeline said...

What beautiful flowers and the photographs you've taken highlight their exquisiteness. Is that a word? Apparently. Floral therapy is the best kind. Have a wonderful weekend, Chris.

tiedyejudy said...

Beautiful! Hydrangeas are one of my favorites, and these are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing...

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thank you, real word or newly created. :) They are stars in a busy floral landscape, those lacecaps. Detailed yet not too busy. Yes indeed, therapy.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks so much. They are gift flowers aren't they? All varieties. And the full hydrangeas just leave me in awe. In past years, we tended a number of the plants here at home. My favorite time was gathering them all in fall for drying. (Except for the hiding NW spiders) They would hang from everywhere in our little place till "done". Time and gardening limitations now take me to Wright Park for my hydrangea fix. So glad they grow them and you liked them.

Basket gal said...

Beautiful photos! I love hydrangeas, too. I think I have over 20 of them in the yard of different varieties. I finally had to stop drying them, because I had so many and didn't know what to do with them anymore! If you ever need a hydrangea fix, just stop by:)

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Your place is the perfect hydrangea setting. They are such generous plants. So much color in each one. With that many plants you would have to take over the ceiling in Flips garage to dry them all. Fortunately they look great on the plant, covered with a bit of winter snow too. :)
Glad you enjoyed the pics.

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