February 17, 2011

Oh My

Sometimes, what falls below the squiggly line, 
simply takes the cake. 
Or was it cobbler. 
Yep, cobbler. 
Oh my...

Having a crazy couple of weeks schedule wise.
Hope to do some catching up here
and elsewhere this weekend.

Until then, ginger pear sorbet anyone?


Teresa Evangeline said...

Oh yeah, ginger pear sorbet it is. What a Great photograph, Chris. I Love it.

The WV is: gingeepp.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Teresa,
I know, that sorbet sounds sooo good. Light and lovely. This little restaurant is usually packed. I was there early giving me a chance to finally take a few shots. There is another image that I like which I'll post another time. Amazing food, unpretentious atmosphere. The Rhododendron cafe in Edison or Bow, WA in the skagit valley where miles of tulips rule the day in spring.

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