November 28, 2010

Children in a Family

"Children in a family are like flowers in a bouquet: 
there's always one determined to face in an opposite direction
 from the way the arranger desires."
Marcelene Cox

I suspect in this case the florist was pleased
 but the wedding organizer would have preferred 
all eyes directed to the bride and groom at the alter. 
Mine included.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Are these two, the previous photo and this little one, the same or sisters? Beautiful photos. Beautiful subjects.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Teresa,
Same event, different girls. I don't think they are related, but this young girl did have a little sister I tried to catch. She just never stopped moving for a second. The similarity of the kids has to do with the couple and most of the folks in attendance being Vietnamese. The wedding photos are fun with so many folks having dark glossy hair. I was honored to attend the wedding, followed by a traditional tea ceremony.

Teresa Evangeline said...

What a nice experience. That dark glossy hair and those silk dresses are a wonderful combination. Have a good week, Chris.

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