November 7, 2010

Mercurial Birds

One of my favorite installations continues to be the low flying mercury glass birds, in a pond behind the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Do stop there if you are ever in the neighborhood. Short on time, just walk the outer grounds. 


Linda -wahm with a plan said...

Hi Chris,

What a nice blog! I love the Mercurial Birds! I'm your newest follower. Stop by and say Hi if you get a minute.

CherylK said...

What a beautiful blog...(I clicked on a link from Teresa Evangeline). That is a gorgeous shot of the Murcury Glass Birds. My husband and I spend quite a bit of time in the Pacific Northwest and next time I'm in Tacoma I will definitely visit the Museum of Glass.

Basket gal said...

Great photo! I love the glass museum, too. Did you see the glass pumpkins made by Tacoma Glassblowing Studio? I never saw them in person, but watched them on tv and looked on their website...they look very cool, too.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Thank you so much. There are some other shots of the mercury birds and grounds which were posted a year or more ago. I will try and link them to this post. I don't think you will be sorry if you stop at the Museum when you are in the area. The WA State History Museum and Tacoma Art Museum are all clustered down town across the street from the Tacoma campus of the University of WA. Great buildings, wonderful museums. Have fun!

Thanks! I didn't get to see the pumpkins in person, however like you I caught them on TV and on the web. Very fun shapes and colors.

Anonymous said...

Chris: I had to look close and then I saw the birds. You have a knack for shooting photos of complex figures and places. Always interesting. --Jack, Sage to Meadow

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I wasn't sure if folks would see the birds or not. I try to bring some need to linger longer with a photo now and again. It's fun to work on when making images, but I can also see where done too often it could get tiring to some. You said, "always interesting" and I would say it right back to you with regard to your thoughts. Always thoughtful and interesting. Many, many thanks Jack.

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