July 26, 2010

Ever So Slowly the Seasons Go Round

Many of my favorite sights in Sequim 
are those that may vanish before I return. 
This old up hill shed on the grounds at the herb farm for one. 
Like humans, buildings seem to share the ability, 
though weathered, to show a stable face when needed. 
What we can't see is that the building 
now relies on it's face for that stability. 
Turned around, it's boards are taking leave.

Inside the shed another fleeting beauty rests. 
Made with love and care, it does it's job well. 
But it will grow weary from exposure and erode. 

Rust will track time here and the metals, 
once extracted from the earth, will return to it.

While ever so slowly the seasons go round, 
bringing the sights and colors that make each passing a pure delight. 
I woke this morning with THIS song playing over and over in my head.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Aging wood, a well-built nest, rusting metal and that bottom pic, absolute eye candy. Love the lavender, green and blue combination of color. And, the small suggestion of the lavender undulating makes a great composition.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I could spend a good portion of my days on that rolling hill looking out to the meadow. A soft breeze was blowing and the scents were intoxicating. Thanks so much for traveling there with me.

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