February 22, 2010

Pull, Push, Coast

Another touch of Monterey, this time through their Aquarium. I always enjoy the big blue wall of jelly fish; mesmerizing with their pull, push, coast cadence. On this day I was slowly strolling along, more caught up in the view of sea creatures than people. A class of thirty or so small children suddenly circled me and together we stood watching sharks in silence. My mental camera clicked endless snapshots of glee and awe. Every child should have access to natures mastery. It's the birth of reverence.


Basket gal said...

Amazing photo! Enjoyable seeing things from a child's perspective...I hope you never stop! Jelly fish are fascinating and I still hang over the side of the dock to watch them in the harbor.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

I'm going to have to go down there and stare into the depths for awhile. Have found a few washed ashore at our educational beach walks during the lowest tides. A couple of them last summer at Henderson Bay. One the summer before at Penrose Point. Healthy waters for them would be certainly be a help.

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