February 4, 2010

Peace in Still Water

Living around the Puget Sound, which is currently under consideration for a name change to the Salish Sea, boats, sailing ships, barges, cargo ships and more are plentiful. Marinas are everywhere though I suspect if you were looking for berth rental, you might argue the point. We are big on boating in the Northwest inland waterways. And though I'm not a boater, I do love catching sight of sail boats, small and large, with billowed sails making way. Any which way as they bob, dance and run; their success dependent on the marriage of the sail makers sails, sailor's skills and nature's whim. A treasure to see.

In honesty, my favorite part of living in the land of boats, ships and all is seeing them in stillness. Of this I never tire. Sails folded, long water shadows cast. There is peace in still water and it's mirrored reflections.

The photo above was taken in Gig Harbor, WA


Basket gal said...

Another beautiful photo! Being a boater, I am very fond of the calm water, too! We just had a discussion about the Salish Sea name change in our househould, since the man who proposed it is a retired professor from WWU...interesting.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Thanks so much. I bet you are fond of calm water. It still gives me the willies to think about you folks floating so close to a ferry in the fog. I applaud your sea spirit!

ProfGeo said...

I hope the waters around you are as calm as the photo!

First I'd heard of the Salish Sea name change. Usually I get an inkling if something that big is in the wind, even if it's geographically distant and doesn't affect me directly. But duh on me for this one. Let me comment from ignorance anyway! I don't see how this change could possibly affect local names (e.g. Puget Sound) though. Sailors still need all the names. I wouldn't expect the charts to change, now or later.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi ProfGeo,
The local take on the Salish Sea is the same. It would be more of a nod to history and the local first people, with other identifiers remaining the same. It isn't a new idea, but has gathered steam of late. Personally, I like it. Respectful and harmless as map changes/ additions go. Hope the waters down in your area are calm as well.

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