November 30, 2009

Slow to Go

The migration of fall color, from great heights to ground, has a wonderful slow to go aspect. Some plants shed their color early on while others, bit by bit, draw winter to them before succumbing. Refusing a harsh wind, they hold tight, greedily letting a leaf or ten escape now and then. And though the camera loves those colorful blankets dropped in haste, I favor them all. The early and the late. But those slow to go fliers, something about their refusal to let go until forced makes me want to applaud their efforts.


ProfGeo said...

We saw what we believe to be an extended autumn down south in the CA time zone. Last Friday afternoon as our flight approached the San Jose airport, there was an unusual array of deciduous color in the region. Either the climate has changed or we're just more observant! We're voting for climate change, as we have also seen some spring flowering down on the Peninsula and don't know what to make of it. Anyway, "resplendent" and "San Jose" don't often go together so it's worth a mention.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Spring flowering in Dec? Whoa. Thanks for the laugh you provided by using resplendent and San Jose in the same sentence. Now Freeway and San Jose. Yeah. Urban Density times 500 and San Jose. Yeah. Resplendent...well, no. (Apologies to folks living in San Jose, but it has been only a year or two since I was last hopelessly lost there midst the signless morass of homes and highways before dawn, looking for the airport.) I do love their little airport!

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