November 27, 2009

Wishing You Simple Pleasures

Let the Winter Celebrations begin!

I love simple primitive elements, reminiscent of days past. Tickling memories. Best moments relived. Homemade decorations. (And no I didn't make the one above, though I cherish it and the sweet needle work holding the old quilt pieces together)

I remember one year, not so long ago, taking brown paper grocery bags and cutting them into long strips. I roughly crunched and twisted the strips until I had worked my way down each one. Then I loosely encircled a small narrow tree, spiraling the rough brown paper garland top to bottom. A few dried white berry bunches and burlap shapes hanging from copper wire loops dressed the boughs. With the addition of few clear tiny lights those simple decorations came to life. It remains one of my favorite trees. Much can be made from little or nothing. A leafless tree branch and some dry moss can be magical.

What ever your winter seasons celebration entails, I send you wishes for simple pleasures.

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